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 Lebanese Committee
   of solidarity to release
 the Five Cuban Heroes  










Cuban Five Pay Tribute to Hugo Chavez in Havana

Photos: Bill Hackwell 

After attending the traditional nightly firing of the canon at the Morro Castle overlooking the Havana Harbor, Ramon Labañino and Gerardo Hernandez visited the memorial hall that pays tribute to Hugo Chavez's life and legacy at the Cultural Complex Morro Cabaña. Both anti-terrorist fighters, Ramon and Gerardo, along with Antonio Guerrero, were recently released from U.S. prisons after serving 16 years of an unjust sentence. They were accompanied by members of their families including Ramon's three daughters and his wife Elizabeth and Gerardo's wife Adriana and other family members.     

The visit symbolized the deep respect that the Cuban Five has for Hugo Chavez and the ongoing Venezuelan Bolivarian Revolution. Ramon and Gerardo signed the book of the memorial expressing how much the example of Chavez inspired them during their years in prison.   

Despite the fact that this was an unannounced visit, when people attending the cultural complex recognized the two Heroes, they rushed to greet and thank them for the sacrifice they made for their country.  


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Lebanese Committee of solidarity to release the Five Cuban Heroes